Mission Statement

Trinity Scrip exists as a stewardship opportunity to support the mission of the Trinity Lutheran Church & School family by applying Scrip rewards toward our children’s Christian Education at Trinity, Manitowoc Lutheran High School, or Fox Valley Lutheran High School and non-budgetary items within Trinity.

What is Scrip?

When you purchase scrip, you are purchasing negotiable gift certificates that are used just like cash. The scrip is issued by the national and local retailers where many of you already shop. These merchants want to support non profit organizations, and in return ask you to support them by shopping with scrip at their stores. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, we earn revenue for our School.

How does Scrip work?

The Great Lakes Scrip center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. We buy the scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to you for full face value. The bulk of the discount – from two to fifteen percent or more – is retained by Trinity as revenue.

What is our Scrip history?

Trinity’s Scrip Program was started in 1999. Did you know that we have raised over $60,000 for our school since that time? Using this program has been such a blessing! Scrip can currently be purchased in the Trinity office Monday through Friday, from 8:00am-4:00pm, or at the Collins State Bank in Brillion or Collins.

What is purchased with Scrip?

Areas of Trinity that have benefited recently from Scrip include: family tuition, adopt a family, tuition assistance program, sound booth updates and saving toward parking lot expenses.