Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23
Actions speak louder than words. That is familiar to most of. What it means is this: how you act
can show more about what you believe in than what you say. Also, if we act in a way that is
consistent with what we say, our integrity increases in the eyes of others. I would like to apply
this saying to the character Joseph in the Christmas story.
In fact, we practically have to apply this saying to Joseph because the Bible doesn’t record any
of Joseph’s words. It only records what he does. Our verses for study come from Matthew 2:13-
15, 19-23. The Magi had recently left the land of Israel after visiting Jesus. The wicked king
Herod wanted to have the baby Jesus killed because the Magi had proclaimed him a King.
Herod saw this as a threat to his position of power. In order to protect the messiah from Herod
God warns Joseph in a dream to take the child down to Egypt. And we read, “So he got up, took
the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt.” That’s it. No words, no questions.
There are simply three verbs in that sentence: got up, took, and left. But these three simple
actions speak volumes about Joseph. He must have had an amazing faith. In order to protect
the family God had given him Joseph leaves his house, his business, perhaps his family too. He
left with Mary and Jesus for a land where the culture and the language were probably
unfamiliar. And he had no idea what he was going to do when he got down there. Nevertheless,
Joseph got up, took, and left.
How was Joseph able to do this? How was he able to simply get up in the middle of the night
and leave for a foreign country? First, he must have had to put his trust in the words God. God
had told him in a dream that Mary’s child was “from the holy spirit” and would “save his people
from their sins” (Matthew 1:20,21). If this child was going to be the savior. God would have to
preserve him to do his saving work. So Joseph left, trusting that God would provide. Second,
God had already provisioned them for their trip. The Magi had given gifts of gold frankincense
and Myrrh, gifts that were extremely valuable. These gifts may have even still been in the
traveling containers that the Magi brought them in. Joseph had funding for the trip, and seed
money for a starting a new life down in Egypt, ready to go. So, Joseph trusts God and leaves.
Showing his faith with his actions.
My prayers is that our actions also speak louder than our words. Let our actions serve as a
testimony for what we believe in. In order to do this we will have to recognize two things. First,
We will have to recognize the promises in God’s word. We can forgive knowing that God has
promised to forgive us. We can be generous knowing that God has promised to provide for us.
Secondly, recognize the blessings already given. Recognize that God has already provisioned
you with everything you need to live a life in thankfulness to him. A life of thankfulness and a
life using the blessings you have been given to help others are actions that speak volumes.